"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." -- Samuel Adams

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Obamerican Prophecy 20:09

And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land called America , having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as "The One". He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but He hypnotized the people telling them, "I am sent to save you. My lack of experience, my questionable ethics, my monstrous ego, and my association with evil doers are of no consequence. For I shall save you with Hope and Change. Go, therefore, and proclaim throughout the land that he who preceded me is evil, that he has defiled the nation, and that all he has built must be destroyed."

And the people rejoiced, for even though they knew not what "The One" would do, he had promised that it was good; and they believed.

And "The One" said "We live in the greatest country in the world. Help me change everything about it!" And the people said, "Hallelujah!! Change is good!"

Then He said, "We are going to tax the rich fat-cats,"---- And the people said "Sock it to them!"
"---- and redistribute their wealth.." And the people said, "Show us the money!"

And then He said, "Redistribution of wealth is good for everybody"

And Joe the plumber asked, "Are you kidding me? You're going to steal my money and give it to the deadbeats??" And "The One" ridiculed and taunted him, and Joe's personal records were
hacked and publicized.

One lone reporter asked, "Isn't that Marxist policy?" And she was banished from the kingdom!

Then a citizen asked, "With no foreign relations experience and having zero military experience or knowledge, how will you deal with radical terrorists?" And "The One" said, "Simple. I shall sit with them and talk with them and show them how nice we really are; and they will forget that they ever wanted to kill us all!" And the people said, "Hallelujah!! We are safe at last, and we can beat our weapons into free cars for the people!"

Then "The One" said, "I shall give 95% of you lower taxes." And one, lone voice said, "But 40% of us don't pay ANY taxes." So "The One" said, "Then I shall give you some of the taxes the fat-cats pay!" And the people said, "Hallelujah!! Show us the money!"

Then "The One" said, "I shall tax your Capital Gains when you sell your homes!" And the people yawned and the slumping housing market collapsed.

And He said, "I shall mandate employer- funded health care for EVERY worker and raise the minimum wage. And I shall give every person unlimited healthcare and medicine and transportation to the clinics." And the people said, "Give me some of that!"

Then he said, "I shall penalize employers who ship jobs overseas." And the people said, "Where's my rebate check?"

Then "The One" said, "I shall bankrupt the coal industry and electricity rates will skyrocket!"
And the people said, "Coal is dirty, coal is evil, no more coal! But we don't care for that part about higher electric rates." So "The One" said, "Not to worry. If your rebate isn't enough to cover your expenses, we shall bail you out. Just sign up with ACORN and your troubles are over!"

Then He said, "Illegal immigrants feel scorned and slighted.. Let's grant them amnesty, Social Security, free education, free lunches, free medical care, bi-lingual signs and guaranteed housing....." And the people said, "Hallelujah!!" And they made him King!

And so it came to pass that employers, facing spiraling costs and ever-higher taxes, raised their prices and laid off workers. Others simply gave up and went out of business and the economy sank like unto a rock dropped from a cliff The banking industry was destroyed. Manufacturing
slowed to a crawl. And more of the people were without a means of support.

Then "The One" said, "I am the "The One" - The Messiah - and I'm here to save you! We shall just print more money so everyone will have enough!" But our foreign trading partners said unto Him, "Wait a minute. Your dollar is not worth a pile of camel dung! You will have to pay more..."
And the people said, "Wait a minute. That is unfair!!"

And the world said, "Neither are these other idiotic programs you have embraced. Lo, you have become a Socialist state and a second-rate power. Now you shall play by our rules!" And the people cried out, "Alas, alas!! What have we done?"

But yea verily, it was too late. The people set upon "The One" and spat upon him and stoned him, and his name was dung. And the once mighty nation was no more; and the once proud people were without sustenance or shelter or hope.. And the Change "The One" had given them was as like unto a poison that had destroyed them and like a whirlwind that consumed all that they had built.

And the people beat their chests in despair and cried out in anguish, "Give us back our nation and our pride and our hope!!" But it was too late, and their homeland was no more.

Now, you may think this is a fairy tale, but it's not.
It's happening RIGHT NOW.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama and Russian Nuke Talks

This article is from the Wall Street Journal today, July 7th. This is just ONE example of the immediate and indefinte damage and danger that Obama is enacting toward our country. What an OUTRAGE. This article should send chills up EVERYONES' spines.
- - - - -
Arms Control Amnesia
Three hours after arriving at the Kremlin yesterday, President Barack Obama signed a preliminary agreement on a new nuclear arms-control treaty with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The agreement -- a clear road map for a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) -- commits the U.S. and Russia to cut their nuclear weapons to the lowest levels since the early years of the Cold War.
Mr. Obama praised the agreement as a step forward, away from the "suspicion and rivalry of the past," while Mr. Medvedev hailed it as a "reasonable compromise." In fact, given the range of force levels it permits, this agreement has the potential to compromise U.S. security -- depending on what happens next.
Ryan Inzana
In the first place, locking in specific reductions for U.S. forces prior to the conclusion of the ongoing Nuclear Posture Review is putting the cart before the horse. The Obama administration's team at the Pentagon is currently examining U.S. strategic force requirements. Before specific limits are set on U.S. forces, it should complete the review. Strategic requirements should drive force numbers; arms-control numbers should not dictate strategy.
Second, the new agreement not only calls for reductions in the number of nuclear warheads (to between 1,500 and 1,675), but for cuts in the number of strategic force launchers. Under the 1991 START I Treaty, each side was limited to 1,600 launchers. Yesterday's agreement calls for each side to be limited to between 500 and 1,100 launchers each.
According to open Russian sources, it was Russia that pushed for the lower limit of 500 launchers in negotiations. In the weeks leading up to this summit, it also has been openly stated that Moscow would like the number of deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched missiles (SLBMS), and strategic bombers to be reduced "several times" below the current limit of 1,600. Moving toward very low numbers of launchers is a smart position for Russia, but not for the U.S.
Why? Because the number of deployed Russian strategic ICBMs, SLBMs, and bombers will drop dramatically simply as a result of their aging. In other words, a large number of Russian launchers will be removed from service with or without a new arms-control agreement.
The Obama administration will undoubtedly come under heavy pressure to move to the low end of the 500-1,100 limit on launchers in order to match Russian reductions. But it need not and should not do so. Based solely on open Russian sources, by 2017-2018 Russia will likely have fewer than half of the approximately 680 operational launchers it has today. With a gross domestic product less than that of California, Russia is confronting the dilemma of how to maintain parity with the U.S. while retiring its many aged strategic forces.
Mr. Medvedev's solution is to negotiate, inviting the U.S. to make real cuts, while Russia eliminates nothing that it wouldn't retire in any event.
This isn't just my conclusion -- it's the conclusion of many Russian officials and commentators. Russian Gen. Nikolay Solovtsov, commander of the Strategic Missile Troops, was recently quoted by Moscow Interfax-AVN Online as saying that "not a single Russian launcher" with "remaining service life" will be withdrawn under a new agreement. Noted Russian journalist Pavel Felgengauer observed in Novaya Gazeta that Russian leaders "have demanded of the Americans unilateral concessions on all points, offering practically nothing in exchange." Precisely.
Beyond the bad negotiating principle of giving up something for nothing, there will be serious downsides if the U.S. actually reduces its strategic launchers as much as Moscow wishes. The bipartisan Congressional Strategic Posture Commission -- headed by former secretaries of defense William J. Perry and James R. Schlesinger -- concluded that the U.S. could make reductions "if this were done while also preserving the resilience and survivability of U.S. forces." Having very low numbers of launchers would make the U.S. more vulnerable to destabilizing first-strike dangers, and would reduce or eliminate the U.S. ability to adapt its nuclear deterrent to an increasingly diverse set of post-Cold War nuclear and biological weapons threats.
Accepting low launcher numbers would also encourage placing more warheads on the remaining ICBMs -- i.e., "MIRVing," or adding multiple independently targeted warheads on a single missile. This is what the Russians openly say they are planning to do. Yet the U.S. has long sought to move away from MIRVed ICBMs as part of START, because heavy MIRVing can make each ICBM a more tempting target. One measure of U.S. success will be in resisting the Russian claim that severely reducing launcher numbers is somehow necessary and "stabilizing." It would be neither.
Third, the new agreement appears to defer the matter of so-called tactical nuclear weapons. Russia has some 4,000 tactical nuclear weapons and many thousands more in reserve; U.S. officials have said that Russia has an astounding 10 to 1 numerical advantage. These weapons are of greatest concern with regard to the potential for nuclear war, and they should be our focus for arms reduction. The Perry-Schlesinger commission report identified Russian tactical nuclear weapons as an "urgent" problem. Yet at this point, they appear to be off the table.
The administration may hope to negotiate reductions in tactical nuclear weapons later. But Russia has rejected this in the past, and nothing seems to have changed. As Gen. Vladimir Dvorkin of the Russian Academy of Sciences said recently in Moscow Interfax-AVN Online, "A treaty on the limitation and reduction of tactical nuclear weapons looks absolutely unrealistic." If the U.S. hopes to address this real problem, it must maintain negotiating leverage in the form of strategic launchers and weapons.
Fourth, Mr. Medvedev was quoted recently in RIA Novosti as saying that strategic reductions are possible only if the U.S. alleviates Russian concerns about "U.S. plans to create a global missile defense." There will surely be domestic and international pressure on the U.S. to limit missile defense to facilitate Russian reductions under the new treaty. But the U.S. need for missile defense has little to do with Russia. And the value of missile defense could not be clearer given recent North Korean belligerence. The Russians are demanding this linkage, at least in part to kill our missile defense site in Europe intended to defend against Iranian missiles. Another measure of U.S. success will be to avoid such linkages.
In short, Russian leaders hope to control or eliminate many elements of U.S. military power in exchange for strategic force reductions they will have to make anyway. U.S. leaders should not agree to pay Russia many times over for essentially an empty box.
Finally, Russian violations of its existing arms-control commitments must be addressed along with any new commitments. According to an August 2005 State Department report, Russia has violated START verification and other arms-control commitments in multiple ways. One significant violation has even been discussed openly in Russian publications -- the testing of the SS-27 ICBM with MIRVs in direct violation of START I.
President Obama should recall Winston Churchill's warning: "Be careful above all things not to let go of the atomic weapon until you are sure and more than sure that other means of preserving peace are in your hands." There is no need for the U.S. to accept Russian demands for missile-defense linkage, or deep reductions in the number of our ICBMs, SLBMs and bombers, to realize much lower numbers of Russian strategic systems. There is also no basis for expecting Russian goodwill if we do so.
Mr. Payne, a professor of defense and strategic studies at Missouri State University, is a member of the Perry-Schlesinger Commission, which was established by Congress to assess U.S. nuclear weapons capabilities. This op-ed is adapted from testimony given before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on June 24.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Common Sense II

By Jim Fauzey and Colleen Hayden

For the People of the United States of America

Copyright 2009


In 1776 an obscure colonial writer penned a pamphlet in plain common language that spoke to a nation in revolution. That nation in some respects is not that far removed from present day when viewed during these uncertain times. The author Thomas Paine called his pamphlet Common Sense and I too believe that is what we need right now so I have usurped his title for this rendition, please forgive me for that and I do hope that I can in some small way do justice to his great work.

I have read Common Sense numerous times during the five decades of my life, starting back in grade school, when learning about our great nation’s history and being taught to be proud, rather than ashamed of being an American, was still in fashion. During my early years it was not politically incorrect to portray America as the best nation in the world. I still profess this to be true. I do not state this from some sense of superiority, but from the basic fact that I cannot see that there is another country which offers mankind, in such great abundance, the three main premises that founded our great nation, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” In no other country that I know of can you become anything you desire if you are only willing to work hard and spend the effort to make your life better. However we now find ourselves in times where those who believe such things are forced to subjugate themselves to those who believe they know what is best for them instead of being allowed the freedom to choose their own path. We must now face the fact that we have a government who believes that your success and hard work is something that makes you evil in the eyes of your fellow Americans. This same government believes that it has the right to take from you what you have earned and distribute it to the masses which do not have your same ethos. This same government will, under the provisions of legislation, bankrupt the 233 years of American success for the sole purpose of obtaining and maintaining supreme power over you the individual citizen. In the short time frame of our nation’s life we have not in anyway had a government who subjugated it’s citizenry with over-bearing laws and regulations which hindered an individual’s efforts in pursuing our three main national premises, but that seems to be changing exponentially.

As Paine stated in his pamphlet’s introduction, “Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not YET sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom.”

These words ring as true today as they did in 1776, but for a different reason. Not because of an intolerant King in England; rather due to a misguided populace who is willing to grant it’s government supreme power over the lives of its citizens. Security and prosperity which is not earned, but rather doled out from some benevolent government, is as intolerable to freedom loving men and women as living under the thumb of a tyrant across an ocean. When a people allow themselves to be seduced by the Sirens’ song that your government is here to make you prosperous and give you all you need; this is not the ”Hope and Change” a free nation can accept if it desires to remain free.

I will strive to bring to your attention, along with my fellow author, the things today that threaten our three main national premises. I will strive with God’s guidance to show you the perils of “a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG!”

“A popular government, without proper information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps, both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison, 1822

The Design of our New Age Government, with Remarks on the Constitution

Our society has been conditioned into believing that only our government is the answer to the woes of our nation. We have allowed generation after generation to be taught in all levels of education that only government can make things happen; only government can make things better; and only government can provide you, the citizen, with security and prosperity. Paine stated, “…society is produced to satisfy our wants and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness in a POSITIVE way and the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining us. The first is a patron and the last is a punisher.”

Society is truly a blessing, the interaction between friends, family, neighbors, and strangers alike knit us into a cohesive community that supplies us with all the necessities of life. However government, on the other hand, is in its best state a necessary evil and in its worst state an intolerable subjugator. To add insult to injury we as a society must face the fact that our own freedoms have placed this same intolerable government upon us. We voted this government into being and then walked away, naively believing it would operate as we wish. We today have been so seduced, no, programmed into believing that our elected officials will truly lead our nation in her best interests; however, it is now painfully obvious that our government does not operate as we desire it too.

“A vote is like a rifle its usefulness depends on the character of the user.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

The Federal Government in collusion with our voice to the masses, the voice which has been the watchmen for free thought and opinion, the FREE PRESS, has so blindly fallen into the fold of the single ideology that government is the answer that they may not be able to come back from the abyss. Our Founding Fathers who struggled so long after our Revolution to come up with a system of government that would allow us to remain free would be ashamed of that same government today and their lap dog, the Free Press. The Founding Fathers were keenly aware that what we are facing today could happen if we as citizens, and the press, did not stand vigilant. However, because we as a nation have been indoctrinated into thinking that our government and not ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ is the answer to our problems, we now find ourselves wandering blind in the wilderness.

The first line of text in our Constitution is so important to any discussion concerning our freedoms and liberties and lays the foundation of our American system that it is worth repeating here:

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

This singular eloquent line sums up all that is, and was envisioned to be, required for a viable system of government, a government whose power is derived from the people who elected it; a government based on the rule of law and not the rule of those elected. We were given a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy; not a government that functions on majority rule (i.e., mob rule) but rather on the Rule of Law only so that everyone is treated EQUAL. Justice is supposed to be blind for a reason, the LAW does not see anything but the LAW, and that is truly just and fair to all. However, we now have a government system which has forgotten that they are here to serve this nation, not themselves, and that they operate under the Rule of Law. We now have a government which has never been given the right to take from you or me and give it to another without our consent. Our government now acts with total indifference to the voice of the citizenry which placed it into power; it passes laws to make itself more powerful, laws that turn its nose at the U.S. Constitution.

When a government views itself as omnipotent solely because you voted them to office and yet refuses to listen to the will of those same voters that same government is no longer a viable government. How does a government justify, in any manner, the over taxing of those who have worked hard to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones, only to redistribute those earnings to others in society for whom that government deems worthy of those stolen funds? Yes, stolen is the right word or correctly stated legally stolen; legally stolen under the law which the aforementioned government passes so as to be Subjugator and Punisher. The subjugation and punishment of the few in order to benefit a certain portion of citizens for whom the government deems fit; that is how our government now thinks. If these actions are allowed, what is to stop this government from becoming the Subjugator and Punisher of ALL? Do not all citizens use the benefits supplied by government, such as: interstate transportation systems; free commerce and trade; and national security equally? Does one American citizen use more than another in their daily lives? With this question in mind, where does our government make the distinction between which American deserves more than another and which of these Americans should be paying more? Our government, without consulting those who elected them, makes the decision that they should raise the taxes on one sector of our society so as to pay for the things that same government turns over to another sector of our society. This tax increase was not initiated by those taxed but instead solely by the prerogative of the elected and ONLY the elected; regardless of the fact the WE THE PEOPLE are in total opposition to these actions. Is this taxation WITH representation any less intolerable than taxation WITHOUT representation 233 years ago when we still were under the King of England? The answer to that is NO! Once a government starts taking from one to give to another it fractures society and creates chasms which we will not be able to bridge. These types of government actions serve no purpose but to create class warfare - set one citizen against the other. It is obvious now that this course of action by our government is, or was, planned and calculated. Such government action does not work to form a more perfect union, establish justice, or insure domestic tranquility.

“A house divided against it self cannot stand.”

- Abraham Lincoln, 1858

That house does not necessarily have to be the house of government, it can be our society in general and if the instrument which we elect to provide the items in the first line of the Constitution drives wedges between our citizens, then we are undoubtedly doomed to fail.

Redistribution of wealth or the process of taking from the hardworking citizen and giving it to another citizen, who for whatever reason is not being a productive member of society is not the purpose of government. The action of taking from one to give to another without the consent of the losing party is the surest way to plant the seeds of animosity towards one’s fellow man. The process of helping our fellow citizens in need is for society to accomplish not government. There is a distinction between these two; however, due to the indoctrination of generations through the years, we as a people have started to believe that government is SOCIETY and in that lays the danger. The danger that liberty and freedom no longer belongs with you, your family, your neighbor, or your community; instead it lays in the malevolent hands of GOVERNMENT.

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.” -Thomas Jefferson, 1781

Choices that a person makes along the road of life do not give any one citizen within a free society the excuse to take from their neighbor’s success to better their own circumstance. The current administration’s idea of redistributing your hard earned money and prudent investments is the total antithesis to the Pursuit of Happiness we hold to so dear as Americans. The creation of a Welfare State where the citizenry are solely dependent on government for their needs is not, nor never was the intent of our Founding Fathers and is totally against the precepts of our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Is it wrong or incorrect a thought that when you recognize that government is over stepping its mandated authority that it may, if not checked, be time for the government to start anew? No, it is not wrong or incorrect it is perfectly natural and is mandated to think as such from a source higher than ourselves.

As our Patriot Fathers stated in our Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Once your government becomes oppressive whether heavy of hand physically or simply through regulatory polices or law, at which time it infringes on your unalienable Rights, it has for all pretense reached its level of usefulness. In the due course of time do not free men and women begin to recognize the source from which their suffering springs; know likewise the remedy for their suffering?

It is neither prudent nor fair to paint with a broad stroke that all within our government have chosen a path which leads away from the Republic for which our Founding Fathers envisioned and strove so hard to establish. However, it would be na├»ve to not recognize that our government has lost sight of the Constitution under which it was established and is trying to instill a form of collective society for which we as a nation was not predicated upon. This path for which the government has alighted upon is not from the will of the PEOPLE, but rather from the desire of those GOVERNING. This path is solely desired from the stand point of power and influence, derived from a perverse ideology which only subjugates its people. Our elected officials have crossed the river from the shore of prosperity of the ‘nation first’ to the shore of their own prosperity first and foremost.

The Constitution is very clear on the responsibilities and requirements of all three branches of our government, but today two branches (the Legislative and the Executive) believe they can operate outside of these responsibilities and requirements, while the third branch (the Judicial) sits idly by.

“An ELECTED DEPOTISM was not the government we fought for; but one which should not only be founded on free principles, but in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among several bodies of magistracy, as that no one could transcend their legal limits, without being effectively checked and restrained by the others.”

- James Madison, 1788

Our Founding Fathers, with great deliberation and compromise, hammered out the Constitution of our Republic with total intent that the three branches of our government would be self-checking and neither would allow the other to over step its bounds. Today, however, we have an Executive Branch and Legislative Branch working hand-in-hand believing that beyond a shadow of a doubt they (and only they!) know what is precisely good for the nation. They press forward in total abandonment of our country’s traditions and ethos and turn a deaf ear to the multitudes who scream NO, we do not want this. Both of these branches swore an oath to uphold our Constitution; however it is obvious now that has become nothing more than a hallow oath. Both of these branches in their actions demonstrate a total disregard for the foundational document of our system of government.

Then there is the Judicial Branch whose purpose is to interpret the Constitution, ensuring that the other branches do not violate that said document, sitting idly by on their hands and dismisses any questions that cast doubt on the other two branches. This third branch is now so divided into ideological camps that its own ability for logical and deliberate thought has come into question. As the branch of government whose purpose is to be the Gate Keeper of our great Constitution and the branch for which their only yard stick is that same Constitution, it has become so out of touch with that document that we must have grave concerns for its jurisprudence.

“And it proves, in the last place, that liberty can have nothing to fear from the Judiciary alone, but would have everything to fear from its union with either of the other departments.”

- Alexander Hamilton, 1788

My fellow Americans, this is an out of control government, a government whose purpose seems now hell bent to subjugate you and me into blind submission to their will.

We must now ask ourselves a question; is what is described above any different than what the American colonists faced in 1776? The answer is that there is NO DIFFERENCE-subjugation is subjugation-whether under a King or under an ELECTED government! However, we, as our Founding Fathers faced in 1776, have choices to make and actions to take.

Socialistic Government vs. the Individual Citizen

As we struggle with the problems that face our nation today it is obvious that our government is turning away from a tried and true process that has served our nation well for over 233 years. That process for which I speak is the one in which the individual citizen finds the solutions through capital venture or in other terms ‘Free Market Capitalism.’ Our government leadership is throwing caution to the wind and dancing down the road of Socialism which will be the death of the INDIVIDUAL as we know it today. The freedoms and liberties as defined by our country since 1776 will cease to exist and the American Dream will end. If we as a nation sit by and allow our system of government to morph into one monolithic socialist system where business, commerce, and the actions of its citizenry are dictated by the government, then the engines which have driven our country through two centuries will grind to a screeching halt. If our economic basis becomes controlled by the government, how much longer will it be before all aspects of our daily lives will fall under the influence of a selected few in government; at which point, FREEDOM WILL DIE?

Since we have seen the financial institutions, mortgage lending houses, auto industry, and both State and Local governments accept bailouts and stimulus package funds, we can see them all falling under the thumb of the Federal Government. The government will now feel free to push its socialistic agenda. The old adage of “if you take my money then you work for me” now SCREAMS from the highest pinnacles of our society.

The many institutions who accepted these bailouts and stimulus funds, along with those Americans who supported both, have prostrated themselves to a succubus—a life and hope draining DEMIGOD known also as the Federal Government. Now that same DEMIGOD desires to convince the individual citizen that this dependence on government is not only the correct action to take, but the only prudent course to take in these troubled times.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

- Thomas Jefferson

It was not a strong armed government which made this country great in the first place. It was a government which stayed out of the way of the individual citizen and allowed them to either succeed or fail of their own accord. Now, however, we are to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars to save entities who obviously could not mange their own houses, and now they are trusted to somehow better manage the taxpayers’ money—what a contradiction! Of course you must first believe that your country is great to accept my premise that she is GREAT. I do hope that we Americans still believe our country to be GREAT and the INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN is the well spring from which our greatness comes. For this lack of belief in the greatness of our nation by both our government and some of our citizenry is a major factor in why we have willingly strayed onto this path of socialistic thinking. Our Federal Government was never intended by the Constitution to become as large as it is today and it certainly was not intended to be involved in the day-to-day lives of the citizens or the businesses of this nation. Additionally, the federal system was not meant to be so involved in dictating the processes of our local and state governments as it is doing today. These processes were to be up to us—the individual citizen. The States are, per the Constitution, to remain the focus of government for meeting the people’s needs and requirements, yet now it is evident that the Federal Government desires to be the total focus and take this responsibility from our States and subsequently away from YOU THE CITIZEN. If this mindset is allowed to continue then the dissolution of the Union will be inevitable and the United States as we know them will no longer be. There will be no need for individual States, just one single DEMIGOD STATE, located in Washington D.C., replacing all the things we cherish in this the Land of the Free.

If you believe the venomous mantra of our free press, entertainment and media sources and the leadership in Washington D.C., you are being told that ‘We the People’ do want a strong, centralized, socialist type of government. A government which will decide: where you live, where your children go to school and what they are taught; what you will be allowed to earn or not earn; and most specifically, whether you will be able to pursue your dreams or not. In short, your government—the DEMIGOD STATE—will control your life. Of course our citizens are being told this should be viewed through the lens of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ because our current system of government does not work and needs to be completely overhauled. This premise is totally false! It is our Creator who makes us equal not our government. Americans do not want the government in their back pockets today anymore than we wanted the King of England there in 1776! However, when the vast majority of Americans fully believe what is reported on the nightly news as the gospel truth or stop forming opinions of their own volition we open ourselves up to manipulation. When Americans willingly accept whatever opinions or positions are espoused by TV, radio, newspapers, Hollywood, or Washington D.C., they allow themselves to be ripe for exploitation by their government. Past world history, even history not yet removed from our living generations, has taught us valuable lessons if we only take the time to reflect on them. We have had on the recent world stage despots who have caused great consternation to mankind and if we allow ourselves to not be vigilant such consternation can alight upon us here in America.

“[T]he principle - which is quite true in itself – that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily.”

- Adolf HitlerMien Kampf

The quote above, from this infamous despot, is indicative of the mindset that has fermented in the halls of Congress, the White House, and throughout the Free Press within our nation. It is praying upon your emotions, it is feeding on your fears; it is convincing you that it must be true since everyone is saying it. We are being told time and time again, a lie, a BIG LIE, which if we allow ourselves to start believing the LIE, we as a nation are being seduced. Seduced no differently than Russia of the early 1900s, Germany of the 1920s and 1930s, and the Europe of post World War II! These tactics are the same ones used by the despots like Hitler, Stalin, Moa, and others who convinced their people that ‘change’ was drastically needed!

A government detached from the will of the people, who governs from afar dictating what their citizenry can or cannot do, will or will not do, while doling out at its choosing what it deems you need is not a government at all—it is a TYRANT and a DANGEROUS TYRANT at that! How is allowing your government the right to dictate your basic needs any different from the tyranny that we as a nation experienced before the Revolution from the King and Parliament of England? How is a government which is slowly and methodically nationalizing the major financial institutions and major spheres of labor within our country any more diabolical than the tyrants that swept Europe the last century? The answer to that question is THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT. The only thing that has changed is the time and place from which the tyranny comes.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

- Lord Acton, 1887

When we as individual citizens have the freedoms and liberties to risk our earned fortunes and reputations to promote a new idea or refine an existing one, we as a nation and a civilization have all to gain. We should not and cannot allow this sense of adventure and reward be repressed by a government whose misguided intentions will turn a nation of DOERS into a nation of TAKERS.

If government was making the decisions and taxing to death the fortunes of some of our great inventors and entrepreneurs through history, only to redistribute their earnings to those who did not put the same effort forth, where would America be today? Ask another way, what if the government did not allow individuals such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Westinghouse, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, or Bill Gates to pursue their dreams, where would America be today? What if these entrepreneurs and inventors were punished because they were successful and they did not willingly dole over their success to the DEMIGOD STATE? Can we imagine where we would be today without electricity, the light bulb, the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, and of course the computer and its systems? The answer to these questions are the same, FAILURE— failure for the country, failure for mankind, failure for the basic liberties and freedoms all people desire. All of these Americans had one thing in common with each other— they were allowed to take the risk, the risk of their hard earned money and follow a dream to fruition. Yes, they all made money and rightfully so, but they also created jobs and security for countless Americans as these established industries still do to this day. Free Market Capitalist industries and businesses create jobs; the promises from a DEMIGOD Government who only takes your money with no obligation to use it wisely DO NOT. What Free Market Capitalism does for a nation is create prosperity and success. It is not the promises of government or politicians, nor is it a monolithic socialist government that creates prosperity and success; the only thing such a system creates is misery and despair. Look only to the countries of Eastern Europe in the latter half of the 20th century. If a Socialist State was so desirable to live in, why did so many put at risk their lives to escape to the western societies for the opportunities that capitalism afforded them? A socialist type system suppresses people, it suppresses ideas, it suppresses free thought and expression, it suppresses the desire to improve one’s position, and it most definitely suppresses the INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN because you cannot find the Individual Citizen in the title of “THE DEMIGOD STATE.”

If we bow as a people and allow our government to dictate to us, then who in our society will take a risk, who will want to try to become more than they are, who will want to bring forth the next best mouse trap? The answer is no one will, especially if this same government will punish an individual for their success. Eventually our cherished American spirit of freedom and adventure will perish on the limb of the Liberty Tree, never to return.

After World War II our world settled into two camps of thought—free market capitalism and socialist communism. One camp’s people grew exponentially successful as compared to the other camp. One camp’s society brimmed over with the necessities of life and individual fulfillment. The other camp stayed stagnant and stale, it languished under the heel of an overburdening government who tried to convince its populace that the DEMIGOD STATE was the answer to all of their needs. The one camp over time collapsed under its own weight of oppression and tyranny, but not from the violent type of revolt which brought that camp’s ideology to power in the first place. Rather this camp dissolved due to the burning spirit of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness that resided within the hearts of the individuals in that camp. The camp that prevailed and continues to prevail if left to its own accord is FREE MARKET CAPITAILISM; powered only by freedom loving men and women. The camp that failed, of course, was socialist communism!

Our government now speaks of Civilian Security Forces with equal power and abilities as our current military forces. Why would a free society need to have security forces within its own borders? Who or what are we to be protected from that our military forces are not already protecting us from? We are also being told that we need to establish a mandatory volunteer system for our young people, i.e., our children, making it mandatory that they provide service to the community and the DEMIGOD STATE if they expect to receive any benefits. Again, I ask, are these the type of programs we need in a free society? Besides, is not the benefits spoken about already funded by our taxes? So should not these benefits be available to all citizens; it is our money after all? Even scarier are the discussions that all citizens, regardless of age, will be forced into mandatory volunteerism if they receive: Social Security, Medicare, Disability Benefits, etc., since these all again come from the DEMIGOD STATE. If your government holds sway over the span of your entire life then I ask you: Are you truly free? This my fellow countrymen is nothing more than forced slavery; slavery to the DEMIGOD STATE. I hear these things and can only envision Nazi Germany, Stalin’s USSR, or Eastern Europe of the Cold War. Is this the type of government and life we now want to be imposed upon us and our children? Do we wish to see the stars in Old Glory replaced with the Hammer and Sickle? Will the United States of America become the United Socialist States of America?

America is at a crossroads, we can chose to follow a path of a socialistic government where the DEMIGOD decides, not the individual, where, what, and how we live or we can stay the course, keep believing in the American Dream, encourage our countrymen to continue to take risk and possibly gain big rewards. We can allow our government to take over our lives, becoming a DEMIGOD STATE which demands that its citizens worship upon the altar of socialism and subsequently destroying the “shining city upon the hill." The same shining city which President Reagan spoke so eloquently of in his farewell address to the nation:

“I’ve spoken of the Shining City all my political life….In my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it, and see it still.”

- Ronald Reagan

It is the individual citizen who has made our country what it is and still makes it the one country that oppressed people around the world will risk all to come to. It is not the promises of a benevolent government that attracts people to our shores, it is the opportunities afforded them to become more than they could in their homelands. The individual is the engine which makes a free nation a success. Americans have been blessed to have individuals who are willing to risk it all time and time again.

Will this be the age that a dream dies, a dream that all men and women have been dreaming since time immortal or will we as a people stand and in one voice shout from the highest heights; NO WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS DREAM TO DIE, WE WILL NOT ALLOW THE LIGHTS TO GO OUT IN OUR SHINING CITY?

I ask the question, will we allow our great nation to fall upon the ash heap of history because of the misguided views of a minority thought?

It is up to YOU, it is up to ME, it is up to US and only US!

Patriot or Seditionist

I have heard from many that speaking as such in this document makes me a seditionist and anti-American, that it is not patriotic to speak out against your government in such a way as to put reasonable doubt in the minds of your countrymen. It is spoken with hushed words that they can take you away for what you are saying. Countrymen, is this not testimony enough that reasonable doubt in the viability or eligibility of our elected leadership in Washington D.C. already exists in our minds? Am I, or you, a seditionist simply because we do not march lock step in line with the thinking of our DEMIGOD Government? If that be the definition of seditionist than a seditionist I AM! For as long as our DEMIGOD Government deems it necessary to reach into the pocket of the hard working people of this nation to steal their coin and bankrupt our nation by frivolously giving away taxpayer’s money, then we cannot and should not march blindly along.

Rather I say that if you have the courage, shout out the wrongs that you see in your nation’s government. If you stand and shout out then you stand in good company; you stand on the same footing as our Patriot Fathers long ago. Did John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, or Thomas Paine shrink from the task of calling out the King of England before and during our American Revolution? NO, they did not; they did not become “sunshine soldiers” in the cause of Liberty and Freedom; the same as tens of thousands of Americans have not since 1776, nor should we now.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

- Edmund Burke

Yes, what our nation is experiencing is nothing short of evil, an evil against our Liberties and Freedoms. When your government bankrupts your economic system and imposes upon its citizenry a system for which that same citizenry is diametrically opposed, then that my fellow countrymen is nothing short of EVIL. So I say yes, to speaking out against those who desire to transform our country into any type of welfare nanny state at the cost of our children, their children, and generations to come. You are not patriotic if you stand silently by and do not speak out. If our forefathers would have shrunk from the duty at hand during their times we today would not be here to enjoy this great nation nor would our country have become the beacon of Liberty and Freedom for millions across the ages.

So I stand before my fellow countrymen shouting as a Patriot of Old, STOP THIS MADNESS! Stop spending the fortunes of our nation and its people for the sole purpose of securing power and influence. We do not desire to be socialist like Europe or any other country on the face of this planet. We desire to remain and always remain AMERICANS; Americans reliant on our own ingenuity and GRIT as we have since 1776. No, we have not lost our pioneering spirit, that same spirit that drove our young nation from sea to shining sea; we have not lost the spirit that took us to the moon and back; NO NOT AT ALL! As a nation of free men and women we solemnly swear, with penalty of death, we shall liken ourselves to our Patriot Fathers and fight for the Liberty and Freedom ordained to us by our Creator and we will not allow the charlatans of a DEMIGOD Government to chain us in tyranny again.

“If ye Love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

- Samuel Adams

The sentiments of Sam Adams speak across the void of time to ring in the ears of anyone who will take the time and effort to listen. No, my friends I do not believe that we have reached the point that a call to arms is necessary, as Adams’ quote suggested, but his quote is the sentiment of millions today and those millions need to unite in a New American Revolution. A New American Revolution of thought and purpose; a New American Revolution to take back our government and return it to government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE once again. I challenge you to hear the Clarion Call and spread the word that we will not stand idly by and watch the country we love transformed into a nation of lesser sorts.

However my fellow countrymen, you must stand guard as the Minuteman of yesteryear and be ready. You may, as our Revolutionary Fathers experienced, be forced to fight, though not to secure Liberty, but rather to protect Liberty and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Let us first try to take back our government in the manner for which our Constitution was designed, at the BALLOT BOX.

Yes, America it is time to set a Course of Action and it is time to ACT!

Course of Action

Now is the time to set out ideas for our course of action as a people. It is clear that those elected to power today are incapable of providing an escape plan from our current tribulations and we must then take the reigns to save our nation from certain peril. If we do not elicit our beliefs into an immediate, meaningful course of action, WE will not sustain, we will NOT succeed.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

– Alexander Hamilton

The course of action is now in the hands of the people—a people who truly deserve and desire the country which our Founders risked their lives to establish and uphold. We now have to be willing to put our ‘money where our mouth is’ and stand up and shout for what we believe in. The propaganda poured out by this current administration and the media states that the November 4, 2008 election was a ‘mandate for change.’ The indoctrination of the masses did not allow for this to truly be as it is implied. Change would have been once again finding our roots and reverting back to our principles as a nation. Checks and balances of each branch of government would have been a welcomed ‘mandate for change’; instead, we see an increase in their federal powers. States would have demanded that their rights protected within the Constitution be once again restored—let them control education, not the bureaucrats and those in their pockets. A true ‘mandate for change’ would be a welcoming back to the days of controlled spending and laissez-faire economics. Pork barreling would be a thing of the past. Future generations would not be forced to clean up an ‘inherited’ mess. That is the ‘mandate for change’ we are now tasked to fulfill.

This will not be an easy task. The severe indoctrination of the masses by the government and their fellow propagandists- the mass media and our public education system- have given us a very daunting charge. But we must be willing to sacrifice as our Founding Fathers did for what we believe in. The Pursuit of Happiness is being strangled by the current conditions of our times. Our government is the muscle constricting it to the point of unconsciousness. We cannot, no, we must not allow for this to come to absolute fruition!

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

-Declaration of Independence, 1776

The Declaration of Independence lays out the basis for why we now must take action to stop those in power from destroying our America—the America of the last 233 years. Our call to action is not yet one of stirring up militias and fighting to the death. No, our call to action is to hit it where it matters most to those currently in power—vote them out of their power! Term limits do not exist in the Congress and that too would be a very prudent task to begin as we try to save our nation. But the more immediate, attainable salvation can come in 2010 when many in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are up for re-election. That my fellow Americans will be our time to FIGHT! Fight with our voices…at the ballots. Pledge support to candidates who stand up for the people and have proven themselves with their experience to fulfill their campaign promises. That will be the ultimate ‘mandate for change!’ Rid the House and Senate of Pelosi and Reid, their incapable and destructible leaders. These are truly winnable feats. They are not far fetched nor out of the realm of possibility. Those in power only stay there because WE have elected them to their posts. We then have the authority to remove them when they no longer provide for the benefit of the masses. We must “throw off such Government” officials and “provide new Guards for [our] future security” come November 2010.

Following our course of action for 2010, the same will be even more pressing and vital come 2012—the peacefully, democratic removal of Barack Hussein Obama from the position of President of the United States of America. This will be the ultimate manifesto to our call to action, a call for a real ‘mandate for change.’ We must be bolder and louder than ever before! We cannot allow for socialism to grasp our nation any longer. Though 2012 is a few years off, we cannot wait until then to begin taking action.

We must start today! Mr. Obama has already begun his 2012 re-election campaign only days into his presidency. His goal for this nation to become a socialist, DEMIGOD state can be summed up in two very sinister, laden words: FINAL SOLUTION. The ends outweigh the means for this president. Fulfilling a ‘socialist manifesto’ within the bounds of the American state is his one, true purpose. He will stop at nothing to succeed. The trillion dollar budgets and billion dollar stimulus plans are no more than a full-out, methodical commencement down this catastrophic path. He has enlisted around him those who share wholly in this diabolical aim for our nation. They use fear tactics and current economic turmoil to gain popularity and support. This has been seen in past history many times, and it has failed. The man surrounding the aforementioned FINAL SOLUTION was the ultimate failure in his ambition and goal for the state of Germany as his rise to power was granted in ‘desperate times.’

A real ‘mandate for change’ is our course of action—using our strength at the ballots in November! We must take back our country! We must demand the end to deficit spending, earmarks, and government supremacy! We must demand that socialism not prevail in our capitalist society! We must, with our voices and our votes, save our nation—the land of the free, because of the brave! We must stand up for our beliefs and not allow ourselves to be silenced or intimidated by those who seek to shut us down! We must be the brave!

I pose one final question to you my fellow countrymen and I will leave you to contemplate the words of this pamphlet and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers…

Will you be the instrument used to preserve our Liberties and Freedoms, or the instrument which stands by unstrung and silent while Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are erased from the record of human endeavor…?

The time is ours and the time is now!

(Following is a collection of quotes form our Founding Fathers. Some are prophetic in nature when reading them in context to our nation’s troubles today)

Thoughts of our Founding Fathers

History affords us many instances of the ruin of states, by the prosecution of measures ill suited to the temper and genius of their people. The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy.

- Benjamin Franklin, 1774

They that can give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

- Benjamin Franklin, 1798

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government. A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed whatever may be its theory, must be, in practice a bad government.

- Alexander Hamilton, 1798

If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.

- Alexander Hamilton, 1788

The fabric of American Empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. The streams of national power ought to flow from the pure original fountain of all legitimate authority.

- Alexander Hamilton, 1787

A people…who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and who will pursue their advantages may achieve almost anything.

- George Washington, 1784

Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.

- George Washington, 1784

A rigid economy of the public contributions and absolute interdiction of all useless expenses will go far towards keeping the government honest and unoppressive.

- Thomas Jefferson, 1823

Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.

- Thomas Jefferson, 1787

Excessive taxation…will carry reason and reflection to every man’s door, and particularly in the hour of election.

- Thomas Jefferson, 1798

But a Constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.

- John Adams, 1775

They define a Republic to be a government of laws, and not of men.

- John Adams, 1775

A just security to property is not afforded by that government, under which unequal taxes oppress one species of property and reward another species.

- John Adams, 1792

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.

- Thomas Paine, 1777

I know no way of judging the future but by the past.

- Patrick Henry, 1775

United we stand, divided we fall, Let us not split into factions which must destroy that which our existence hangs.

- Patrick Henry, 1799

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain government – lest it comes to dominate our lives and interests.

- Patrick Henry, 1799

If men of wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance, of sobriety and true Republican simplicity of manners, of zeal for the honor of the Supreme Being and the welfare of the commonwealth; if men possessed of these other excellent qualities are chosen to fill the seats of government, we may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation.

- Samuel Adams, 1780

No country upon earth ever had it more in its power to attain these blessings than United America. Wondrously strange, then, and much to be regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and to depart from the road providence has pointed us to so plainly; I cannot believe it will ever come to pass.

- George Washington, 1788

Please fell free to reprint this pamphlet and distribute it as needed to help spread the word to all you care to unite in this cause to save our Union and country from this government of irresponsibility.

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